A native of Southern California, Paul Sigismondi spent most of his youth training to be an astrophysicist in Berkeley and Chapel Hill. Music and the craft of songwriting were an organic inspiration. As he experimented with guitar, piano, and voice in his free time, he describes experiencing greater access and sensitivity to universal human experiences. He was able to tap into particular resonances of the vast universe, these resonances becoming inspirations that inform his artistic intententions within songs.

After hopping between the East coast and the West coast a few times, Sigismondi has settled in the vast, unpredicatable, and enervating environment of New York City as his inspiration. His vision is essential and authentic. The perspiration that is the 90% of anything is for him the refinement, the reworking, and the editing of the initial inspiration that remains the essence of the final product. His work brings memories of the great albums of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The songwriting is thoughtful, the music melodic, and the orchestration, influenced by both classic and contemporary sounds, supports the essential vision of the songs beautifully and tastefully.


He has been a prolific songwriter over the last few years and has produced several records employing a variety of lineups. His current group, formerly The Lost Hours, now carries the bandname Sigismondi. Recent projects include Angel Saloon, recorded at Strange Weather in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and most recently, Love Radio, recorded with the help of Mitch Easter of REM fame at his Fidelitorium Studio in Kernersville, NC. During live performances, Matt Brandau, formerly of The Old Ceremony, plays bass; Nicky Francis, who also fronts the Majorleans, is the multi instrumentalist vibe master; Tim Kuhl, also with Margaret Glaspy, plays drums; Ryan Mackstaller, New York's sonic genuis, plays lead guitar. 

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